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A long time ago

Lemonade consisting of the citric acid and flavor was first made in 1833.

Zandukelli Mission

The successful business and quality products in Georgia and abroad Contemporary Standards – one of the main advantages of “Castel Saqartvelo” is to produce highest quality raw materials utilizing the latest contemporary technology.

The Natural Strength

The factory based in Tbilisi is equipped with contemporary mounting equipment and technique in compliance with international standards. The Natural Strength – For producing beer and Lemonade.

The “Nectar of Love” created by Niko Zandukeli is the perfect balance of composition and characteristics.

Basis of lemonade is represented by a blend, mix of ingredients, often prepared through cold method. There are also semi – hot and hot methods. When preparing a drink, sugar, citric acid and composition made of various flavors are used.

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Ready to taste your lemonade?

For instance, in making so-called Citro, sugar, lemon juice, mandarin, orange and lemon extracts are added. This drink is of light yellow color with pleasant, refreshing taste and featured citrus flavor.

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